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Betfred League Cup
Shame to lose it in extra time like that, seemed a silly goal to give away. Good game to watch though, thought we looked alright for large spells and once mckay and draper get going I hope we can be more decisive in attack in the league games to come.
The team gave everything tonight, just lacked a bit of quality going forward.

O'Brien was outstanding, quickly becoming a huge part of the team. The main man in midfield for me, O'Brien and Draper in midfield will give us real steel in there.

McKay getting fit & back on form soon is definitely needed, I think the management team are going to rely quite heavily on him for goals. I'm not convinced Mikkelsen offers much at all, I've been very disappointed with him. I think we're in a good place for the season, we have a group of real hard working lads (Fraser, Davies, O'Brien, Naismith, Draper, Curran & Schalk in particular) who will give everything every week. More quality going forward is needed, hopefully with McKay and maybe another winger we'll have that.

Motherwell were a good side tonight, very powerful and aggressive with good quality in the final third. Could be dark horses for top six.
Not too perturbed by that tonight, was a pretty even game which we came out on the wrong side of.

What I would say is, after watching tonight, and being at the Dundee game on Saturday, we are a lot further ahead fitness and sharpness wise than we normally are at this time of the season. Gardyne looks to be genuinely back to his best which can be massive for us. Don't coming onto a game, Fraser is maturing into a really solid and reliable defender, I don't think we've got any glaring weaknesses anywhere. With the likes of Draper and Mackay to add to the mix, along with some of the young lads (decent debut for Davis Keillor Dunne tonight), I think we're in pretty good shape.

^^Should read Dow coming onto a game, can't edit on phone.
Motherwell looked quite useful tonight - their players were powerful & mobile, much better organised than before and good on the break - I thought Cadden was pretty effective and a problem for Kelly. They'll do ok this season.

For County, Fraser was so assured at centre-back and his early penalty-box tackle was quite superb. Davies and Naismith also looked really solid so it was disappointing to be shipping such cheap goals again, from the left side. O'Brien and Lindsay did well in centre-midfield but should certainly benefit from having the presence of Draper alongside them. Gardyne was again at the top of his game and Keillor-Dunn impressed when he came on - he has quick feet and looks as though he can create with some telling passes. (On the subject of our promoted U-20's, I'd also like to see Dylan Dykes coming back into the midfield picture since I think he has some real quality..). Up front, Schalk was a bit isolated and often had to come deep to get the ball but took his goal really well - we still need to find the right balance there but I feel that all of our strikers have plenty to contribute, given the right service.

Overall, I'm really looking forward to the season ahead.. Smile
Highly impressed by Davis Keillor Dunne. So comfortable with the ball at his feet, quick thinking & has excellent vision. Young & very intelligent player, I see a great future ahead for him in the game. Refreshing!
Shame about the result but an enjoyable game to watch. we were good around the park but the final ball was often pumped into their penalty area where Schalk has no chance. We were just saying why on earth don't they play him balls to run on to and he got one and scored. Their keeper made some point blank saves - probably more by luck than judgement - and so we could have scored more.

The young boy Keiller-Dunne looked very promising. We have a better looking team than last year but scoring goals might be the problem. Maybe Billy McKay will get his scoring boots on again..

We came back twice but couldn't quite make it three times. Overall though hope for the season.
That goal by Schalk was reminiscent of the kind of goal County used to score with Vigurs in the team. Terrific finish. The team doesn't have much - any - pace other than Lexi, and it was good to see a goal coming through the middle.
I wondered what was happening when we put a 4th sub on??
What's the ruling now, and was it only for the league cup games??
Credit to a team who go down to ten men away from home and not only stop the opposition from going on to win but score the winner themselves. On the other hand disapointment for County allowing this to happen. Think the Motherwell performance highlighted the difficult job for the season ahead. Think most teams have improved thier squads on last season. Draper and Mackay required soon as.
On the bright side, I'd rather lose that game as the game against Motherwell a week on Saturday.
(08-10-2017, 10:14 AM)jamiepscot Wrote: I wondered what was happening when we put a 4th sub on??
What's the ruling now, and was it only for the league cup games??

New rule in (all?) cups. An extra sub can be used in extra time.
Agree with all the positives mentioned above. Could have gone either way but Motherwell perhaps shaded it, and seemed to hold possession a lot better than us.

Schalk scored when he got a ball to run onto - and could have had another similar situation if not (wrongly I think) ruled offside about 10 minutes later. Otherwise he was quite isolated. Crosses and long balls to him in or outside of the box were all mopped up by a crowd of 3 big tall defenders every time.

Mikkleson - too soon to make a judgement for me, he's made a step up from Championship level.
Keillor-Dunn - very encouraging performance when he came on.
O'Brien's enhanced beard seems to have given him a more influential and controlling role in midfield.
Davies puts his body on the line so much, I wonder for how much of the season we can keep him fit.

On the subject of players who usually get battered, I noticed Gardyne seemed to cut inside more - didn't try to get to the by-line. Naismith may have been delegated that wing role, what with Midge getting on in years!!
FergnKetts - BestBossYets
Very pleasing to see Keillor-Dunn acquitting himself so well, as mentioned in the development thread last season, he is the one player who really looks like he can make the step up to the first team. Those initial years in England may make all the difference for him.
Interesting point regarding Keillor-Dunn gaining experience down south - I expect Ross shire Buff noted that twelve of the Motherwell squad were stepping down to this level from English League 2/National League.

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