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Ross County Vs Dundee - 6th August
It's the first league game of the new season!

The triple whammy of Bella, Moy and school holidays means that attendance will probably take a severe hit.

Kane Hemmings is away for the visitors, but Stewart is still there, and they have added the talented Faissal El Bakhtaoui to their attacking options.

We've got a fairly full squad to chose from - Fraser still coming back from injury, other than that most players available?

3/4 of our 4 strikers have grabbed goals recently, but concerns remain over our lack of CM bite.

Will Jim stick with 3 at the back?
Is Davies back as as captain?
Will Cikos force his way back in?
Will Boyce be given a spell on the bench, or will Jim keep the faith in him (possibly in a deeper role?)

Predicting goals a plenty in this one, 3-2 County would be nice!
(08-04-2016, 03:48 PM)Rosscubed Wrote: Will Jim stick with 3 at the back?
Is Davies back as as captain?
Will Cikos force his way back in?
Will Boyce be given a spell on the bench, or will Jim keep the faith in him (possibly in a deeper role?)

Predicting goals a plenty in this one, 3-2 County would be nice!

Personally it's time away with family at the Edinburgh festival that means we'll miss this weekends season opener.

I'd say yes, we'll have three at the back.
Quinn will be club captain this season. 
I'd expect the same team that started against Cove to start again so no to Cikos starting, yes to Boyce in a deeper role.
Looking forward to this as it's my first game of the season and first chance to see the new players we've brought in.

I can't really comment yet on any new players but I'm very worried about this idea of playing Boyce in a deeper role.
He's been playing badly for quite a while now but seems to be a favourite of the manager. He's behind Schalk, Graham and Curran in the pecking order for striker but the manager seems determined to keep him in the team.

Loads of us on this board have been complaining about the midfield for a long time and now Jackson's gone the idea of playing Boyce in an advanced midfield role, who, when he's even on top form, doesn't exactly put himself around a lot is pretty worrying.

The Cove result aside, it's been a lousy start to the season, and it's going to be interesting to see how we get on against a Premiership side. Already dreading the usual league cave-in at the Dump.

I'll feel a lot better on Saturday at 5 o'clock if we beat Dundee and Boyce has a blinder .....
Fox; Quinn, Davies, McEveley; Gardyne, Routis, Woods, Van Der Weg; Boyce, Graham, Schalk.
Happy with that starting XI.
2 subs used already??
Leaking goals yet again are we?
Well the new system is working wonders so far...
Bbc updates are brutal
Heard a bit on the radio, Woods of with a broken nose after being clattered early on, replaced by McShane.

Kenny hooked for Franks, Gardyne gone left Franks right.

Was Kenny getting a doing on the left or is it a tactical switch. Barry Wilson reporting from the game saying the score line is harsh on County, Graham miss kicking a good chance earlier on, at 0-0.
Can see Jim getting his jotters soon. Something's seriously not right.
It's strange to completely overhaul the system, get pumped out of the cup we are defending by lower league teams then crack on regardless. I had a horrible sinking feeling when I saw the line up.
If McIntyre keeps shoehorning his favourites in instead of doing what's best for the team, he won't last the season here. Our home form in the second half of last season was horrendous, conceding 3 goals nearly every home game.

That line-up and formation is a shambles today, McIntyre's had three or four months to sort out the defence and hasn't been able to. That's not good enough.
So for some McIntyre has gone from winning the Manager of the Season award, to getting lined up for the sack, at half time in our opening league match, behave yourselves ffs.
3-0 now. 3 seems to be the magic number for us.
i think it will be interesting to see how the team lines up in the next few games, see if any lessons have been learned. Quite clearly none have been learned from pre-season/the League Cup debacle.
Currann on Curran scores!
Bit late. Jim needs to take a look at his formations badly
It's just been a really weird couple of months.

Our biggest weakness in the second half of last season was clearly how many goals we were conceding. We conceded least 3 goals in at least 5 or 6 games from January. Our home form was poor, we were losing a lot of goals. I didn't think the 3-5-2 worked well in the league, we didn't really have the players for it and I'm not convinced McIntyre coaches it very well either. 4-4-2 was clearly our best formation.

Our transfer business this summer has been honestly nowhere near good enough. We did all our dealings on one day and it's pretty clear the management thought that was us done. Has anybody even come in since that day? It never improved all of our weak areas either. Full back was a weak area, Cikos is an improvement at right back but the jury is very much out of Van Der Wig. A quicker centre back who was more of a sweeper behind a big CB (Quinn/Davies/McEveley) was in desperate need, however there's no links to any. There's a reason Boyd has been here for so long and has played in lots of good partnerships; he was excellent at sweeping behind a big CB (Munro/Quinn). Forget how many times we conceded 3 goals last season, we've conceded 3 goals twice already in competitive games and it's only beginning of August! Central midfield needed to be improved before Irvine (our best CM last season by a mile) left, yet even after him leaving nobody has come in. Routis is Murdoch's replacement, there's still not an Irvine replacement and the season has started. We were short of talent on the wings last season, with only Gardyne really being good enough, but with De Vita leaving aswell, there's been no signings there. So out of our four weak areas, only one has been strengthened? That's a poor transfer window.

Today just looked like McIntyre trying to shoehorn his favourites in, rather than playing the 4-4-2 which suits us the most and the players who deserved to play. Playing three centre backs who are all slow was clearly a bad move - why did he think that would work? Is it because they're our three highest earners? You don't need me to tell you that Boyce is off form, yet he's shoehorned into a strange number 10 role. What's Boyce's goals to game record in 2016? Gardyne, our best winger by a mile, at wing back - didn't agree with that.

Today's line up and formation was just a bit of a shambles. Three slow 30+ centre backs in a back three, Gardyne at wing back, no quality in centre midfield and Boyce (a poacher) in an odd 10 role. McIntyre needs to get back to basics, back to 4-4-2, keeping it tight at the back and strengthening our blatantly obvious weak areas. This isn't a league where you want to play catch up, it's stronger than ever this season too.
87 games as manager and 18 games where County have conceded 3 or more goals.

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