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Development Squad 2016/2017
(08-20-2017, 10:57 AM)jamiepscot Wrote: Only on loan at moment. 
Caley are developing all our future players for us now..........#feeder club  Tongue

Actually Gregg is the same mould as Duncan Shearer was at 
same age, I know because Jim Fleming manager of clach , my next door neighbour and friend at that very time brought Duncan to Clach ,jim sent me to pick up Duncan I did not realise I was o picking up a future Scotland player he played for Aberdeen very strong ,hopefully Greg will do the same , And it did not  have to be ,we are not winning with what we have the boy deserved a fairer crack at it . JM. Thinks heather growing out our ears hand first team contracts to youth ,then ships them out so he can bring in slightly more mature youth players it is a kick In the privates to Steven Ferguson Ketts and youth coaches , 
It would come as no surprise unless leadership change takes place Steven Ferguson will be poached by  another club as he sees his efforts being thwarted  by the two at the top ,
A good 2-3 win against St J's earlier this week, Dow with two goals.

Does anyone know where Dykes is, is he out injured?

A report here.

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