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Other Football Forums
Who on here goes on other football forums?

I love them. Such a great way for fans to interact about football and there are genuinely some very intelligent posters out there.

I use the Man City one a lot, my 'English team'. With the amount of Premiership football on tv, it's impossible not to have a favourite team. I have an account with around 1100 posts on their forum!

I often go on a team's forum after a big game, like a Champion's League game or a derby. It's brilliant to see the fans interact and their views on their game.

What's everyone view on them? Anyone else use a forum other than OTB?
Sometimes I go on the forums of teams we are about to are have played to see their fans opinions on the game. Also go on the Pie and Bovril
Has he got a final baaaalllll???    Shalk's there!!!!
Pie and Bovril and Football Forums, that's it.

Football Forums recently had the fanatical ramblings of SanSiro, which was highly amusing. Hockey, Man City and prostitution in the same post.
This is pretty much my only home. I am working in Galway at the minute so going to their home games so have joined their local forum as well. Doubt I will reach the number of posts I have on here, hopefully for them reading it at least!

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