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Ross County Vs Kilmarnock
I want to see a sh1t load more shots on goal tomorrow - stop trying to walk the ball into the net SHOOT on site please!!
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Defence is the problem at the moment, I think we have enough attacking options to be competitive. I'm guessing that DA will start with the same back four that started at PT and I'd like to see Balk in front of the back four to hopefully steady the ship. I didn't see the PT highlights but last Sunday Dreesen & Fenlon looked off the pace and need some help in adapting to the Scottish game. Celcer looked promising and seemed to work well with Carey. I can understand the concerns from some that this start to the season looks all too familiar but the players do need time and our support. Our pre-season matches were hardly going to prepare the new additions for the SPFL. IMO we are only 2 players off a really good squad (Songo'o & Cikos please come back!).
Hear Me Roar!
No panic yet but a point would be a welcome boost. Another defeat and the confidence will wobble and a rot could set in.
However, I don't rate Killie at all and we should be more than capable of beating them at home. It would be good to see De L start but we need consistency if the team is to "gel". I can see Del naming an unchanged line up.

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We need three points today but don't think we're good enough to get them. A draw at home is a killer and unacceptable if you have any ambitions. Think Ngoo will be a problem. Couldn't handle him when he was with hearts and with a better defence. After the first two games we know who aren't performing so we need to make the necessary changes. Lets start with Brown in goals. Our crowds aren't great and easily scunnered. It's important we keep the punters happy and attending.
I'm up for a surprise today! Over to you DA.
Is there actually any valid reason to drop Reguero? He, arguably, prevented the 4-0 humping being a 7-0 or 8-0 job.
Let's not start with Brown.
Why does everybody feel Balk is the answer to all out Couty's midfield problems!? Correct me if I'm wrong but a certain Klok shined in pre-season last year and played little-to-no football since.
(08-16-2014, 12:32 PM)Marc Bell Wrote: Why does everybody feel Balk is the answer to all out Couty's midfield problems!? Correct me if I'm wrong but a certain Klok shined in pre-season last year and played little-to-no football since.

For me it's based on the preseason games I saw when the performance of the team stepped up a gear when he was moved in front of the back four. True, it might not work in the SPL, but at a time when we're still developing the team I'd like to see him get his chance.

Latouchent - Balk - Frempah - Boyd - Maatsen

Carey - Kiss - Brittain

De Leeuw


F*** it. Go with wing-backs. Pure inspiration from the Dutch. Not like last year with a back 5 of Gordon, Micic, Boyd, Munro and Kova.

Team line up
01 Reguero
20 Balk
03 Celcer
10 Kiss
05 Boyd
02 Dreesen
15 Arquin
04 Quinn
09 Jervis
11 De Leeuw
23 Carey
07 Cardle
08 Brittain
14 Maatsen
16 Boyce
18 Frempah
19 Fenlon
21 Brown
Toni Reguero summed up in a minute. Breathtaking save followed up by disaster. Will always be the way.
Its going to be one of those seasons yet again.
3 defeats in 3 games. 8 goals conceded. Not looking good so far.

Only the second home game of the season and the attendance was the lowest since we entered the SPL/Premiership. Must be indicative of something.
(08-16-2014, 05:39 PM)Exiled Staggie Wrote: Only the second home game of the season and the attendance was the lowest since we entered the SPL/Premiership. Must be indicative of something.

Ticket prices are too high. Has been the case for some period of time.

Looked poor again today, not really that arsed. Everyone knows we only turn up from January onwards.
Cue the 'No need to panic' brigade with a detailed list that will include how good Saints/Patrick/Killie are, how we deserved more and a list of opportunities missed. It's labelled denial by those involved in the profession.

On the basis of seeing 2/3 of the games this season I am very concerned. I do not believe that the opposition viewed are particularly good nor do I believe 'we were unlucky'. Tactical decisions from formation to substitutions baffle me and see no sense of urgency (other than the petulant schoolboy chase the ball when it's out stuff).

Considerable wages being paid to some who look totally disinterested, disheartened or disillusioned. Dis (see what I did there...) can't go on!
County should have gone in at half-time in front. The better team for the opening 45 minutes only to squander some chances - cue Kilmarnock grabbing a goal (I didn't see it) and County undeservedly going in 0-1 down.

Kilmarnock were the better team in the second half. On the balance of play a draw might have been a fair result but Reguero (who had a fine game) was kept busier than Samson was.

I was quite excited by the starting XI and the attacking trio of Carey -De Leeuw - Arquin linked up well. Boyce playing in front of them might be a good choice. Kiss and Quinn worked well at times, but other times they left too much space behind them. Balk clearly isn't a RB but I'm still keen to see him in midfield.

A better performance than we were subjected to on Wednesday (although PT are a much better side than Kilmarnock) but a third defeat in a row is totally unacceptable. The second half performance was rather alarming, and Adams really needs to suss out his best team sooner rather than later.

County need to take something from Tannadice next week.
Thought Carey and Quinn were the best on show for us today.

Dreesen and Celcer not so much.

Boyce the predator did what it said on his tin and took a really good header for his goal. He needs more time on the park.

Kilmarnock weren't up to much.

The ref... I won't start on him, too much to say but ultimately the result wasn't his fault.

Back to the drawing board again for a few tweaks, says a lot where your centre half-come-midfielder has to replace your specialist right back because he's so bad......

I am hopeful that we're not too far away offensively but the defence needs shoring up somehow. What's Songo's phone number again?
He's NOT the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy!
Better team in the first half, if Boyce had started I think we'd have won the game, Jervis flatters to deceive - we need two up front!

Shocking attendance!
Supporter Liaison Officer 

Two up front isn't necessarily the answer. De Leeuw playing where he did today, with a competent striker ahead of him will create chances.

The issue is the back four and perhaps the two "sitting" midfielders. I still think Kiss needs to play, he's a valuable asset to have in the team. Who plays next to him is a mystery - Balk, Brittain, or Quinn?

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