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Your Starting 11 to play Killie?
After yesterday's match what starting 11 would you go with to freshen things up and try and get the win against Killie!
Very tempted to drop Kiss to the bench and bring in Ketts after yesterday. If neither of the experienced forwards makes it we could do worse than start Tony Dingwall.
Back four picks itself, and Brown did well enough to keep his place.

DA seems set on a diamond so I would put Kiss back at the base and MDL at the top, with Carey and Arquin up front. Tidser and RB left and right in midfield. No room for Quinn or Slew from yesterday's starting eleven.
I'd probably agree with dropping Kiss. Its clear that he he clearly a talented and gifted footballer, but I don't think he has the heart to be involved in a relegation battle!

I've no issue with the current defence so would stick with the same back four and keeper. But I feel we need to be more adventurous up front than we have been of late.

My starting eleven would be (assuming all fit)

------------ Brown ---------------
Cikos - Songo'o - Boyd - Oikonomou
---------Tidser -- Kettlewell ------
Brittain ----- De Leeuw ---- Carey
--------------- Arquin ------------

If Arquin is to be out for the rumoured three weeks (basically rest of the season) - then I'd move De Leeuw up front, Brittain to the middle role and Slew into the right.
Kiss spends more time on his backside than Peter Pawlett. I would rather have players who are going to give 100%, ie Kettlewell.

I hadn't heard that about Arquin, that is bad news.

I think Slew is still a useful option if Arquin is out, but a goalscorer he is not. If we play Slew we have to utilise his size to good effect with the likes of De Leeuw and Carey picking up whatever he wins from balls into him.

De Leeuw is the one who I think has the most to offer us. If he can bang in a few goals we have a decent chance of avoiding 11th. Other than Songo'o and Cikos we have far too many passengers and it's showing.




De Leeuw


I'd also say Brittain has to be fairly close to being dropped regardless of being captain. I can't fault his effort but his form has been woeful for a large part of the season.
I really hope that news about Arquin is a rumour as if we don't have his power and strength up front then I think we will really struggle - Slew isn't as effective and I'd be tempted to throw in Tony Dingwall and Kyle MacLeod as per below:

De Leeuw-----Brittain----Tidser------Carey

Bench: MacLeod, Quinn, Kiss, Ketts, Cooper, Fraser, Saunders
Supporter Liaison Officer 

Best results since the New Year win against ICT have been with a 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1 formation. Yesterday's performance was poor because players' responsibilities seemed unclear (Kiss and RB?).

GK and back four pick themselves. Would like to see a midfield 4 of: RB, Ketts, Tidser and Carey. Kiss may have more talent but at times like these we need Ketts' drive and energy. Up top: Arquin (may not be fit? then Slew) and MDL.

As far as subs are concerned: would like to see impact players not 'lts hold what we've got types' and would use Maatsen (pace - what's happened to him?) and 'in-form goal scorers' from the U-20s such as Dingwall.
Tidser seems to be in all the above teams but he's been as ineffective as Kiss recently. We're in a relegation scrap so we need fighters - Ketts seems a logical choice.

Players on loan - do they give as much as full-time squad members?.... It's been said before too. If we'd got the signings at the beginning of the season better planned we wouldn't be worrying about loan players so much now.

Saturday - cue Michael Gardyne to score..... ( & Boyd ) At this stage a draw at home isn't really much better than losing - we have to go for the win.

I really hope we don't have to go into the play-offs. I think Dundee, Accies & Falkirk will be too strong for us. If we do go down, can't see us getting back up for a very long time, so these next few games are absolutely vital. I didn't go to the match on Saturday but by all accounts we just don't look like we're up for a relegation battle. Trying to be positive but it's difficult to find much.
The team would benefit from the return of De Leeuw and Arquin.

I'd also drop Richie as Richie is just too slow to play on the right and couldn't tackle a fish supper playing in the centre. I'd put Slew on the bench come on as an impact sub later in the match.
We all seem to be forgetting about Marc Klok, he seemed to play well against the mongrel pups and a straight swap for Kiss, who should be jettisoned back to Cardiff. I haven't seen the pen on TV yet but thought it was a penalty from my view. His booking after not bothering his [censored] to run back then a lazy tackle, shows IMO a guy that can't be bothered. Not sure if Ketts is the answer for Sat as think Ermenko could have him booked in minutes if not worse. Would have Glen playing upfront before Slew now, it's not worked and would also put him back now, just to make a point to the others that what's going on just now is just not good enough!
(This post started as a reply to this thread but is more of a reflection on the shape against Hearts)

There's nothing wrong with the 4-1-4-1 that was used yesterday in itself, but it's now clear that County's 'best' XI don't fit with it.

I thought Brittain played the deep midfield role better than he's done at other points in the season, keeping the passing short and simple (although I think the system needs a little bit more expression from that role that Lawson gave).

I think the problem is with the other midfielders. Quinn was uncomfortable wide-right, which is understandable and he did the best he could but was limited there. The team needed him to stay wide and keep the pitch stretched but he wanted to come in. I didn't see what harm having Scott Ferries or Darren Maatsen on the bench would have caused.

Carey gets a bit of stick sometimes for not being clinical but he remains the side's most creative player and is the one most likely to find goalscoring opportunities in de Leeuw's absence. He put in a belter of a cross in the second half and was also the only midfielder who broke beyond Slew in open play.

Kiss and Tidser are where the biggest problems lie in the 4-1-4-1, because neither would get into the box to support the striker. Hearts played a 4-2-3-1, so the midfield numbers just about matched each other perfectly - it was up to Kiss and Tidser to push the Hearts midfield backwards and keep them there.

County controlled possession for decent spells and looked entirely comfortable until the penalty, but Hearts were never troubled because County just couldn't get players into the box. There were some good opportunities when Slew or others pulled wide and then Tidser or Kiss would make a move to the edge of the box but not actually cross it. You can't afford that in a 4-1-4-1 or goals will never be scored.

Putting McLean up front was a cop out when the full width of the pitch needed to be used. Why him anyway, when Songo'o has scored three goals and has looked dangerous in the box in other games?

I think the use of the 4-1-4-1 yesterday was a cautious reaction to losing Arquin as well as de Leeuw, but if it were to be used again then I'd definitely want Kettlewell in the middle beside one of Kiss or Tidser. The latter two play the game at the same - slower - tempo and Kettlewell's willingness to get into the box can make the difference.

If Arquin's going to be out, it's going to be a tough call who to play. I'd probably have de Leeuw off Slew; you can't rely on Slew on scoring but he'd make space for de Leeuw.

We were saying on the bus how much we have missed Sproule

(04-20-2014, 11:35 AM)StuartTaylor Wrote: We were saying on the bus how much we have missed Sproule

I was a bit too critical of Sproule when he was here. True to say that you often don't know what you've got until it's gone.
I hope he picks 11 players that are up for a fight,tough games ahead





---------------Arquinn------------De Leeuw-----------

I think Klok should Get a game as he has looked good when he has been called upon. He can pick great passes and our final beall has been a problem. I would play kiss to the right of the diamond as he works well with Cikos. It would then be between Brittain and Tidser to play behind the front 2, both players have been poor lately but Brittain brilliant from dead ball situations and gives his all every game so I think he would be head of Tidser. If rumors are true and Arquinn is out for 3 weeks then it would be a straight swap for Slew. We have been most effective this season playing with 2 strikers and killie's defensive is pretty poor so i think we really need to go for this one! #MonTheStaggies
Cikos Songo'o Boyd Ikonomou
Brittain Kettlewell Kiss/Tidser Carey
De Leeuw

Bench: Goalkeeper, Saunders, Gordon, Tidser/Kiss, Slew, Cooper, Dingwall/McLeod

If Arquin is injured then bring in Slew. It's a toss-up between Kiss and Tidser to see who plays alongside Kettlewell. Get one of the young players on the bench (or two if Arquin is injured).

The real issue is that there is no pace in that team. Carey and Brittain can deliver good balls into the box (and with Ketts/De Leeuw/Slew or Arquin, at least one person will be in the box) but neither is particularly quick.

Some pace needs to be added to the team over the summer.
Sorry but get this diamond thing to f*ck - this is bloody serious people and jobs and livelyhoods are at stake here - fill the bloody midfield and just hope that one of our players can find the net - do not, I'll say again - do not give Kilmarnock any space to play football or they will hurt us!

Derek, you simply need to drill the players this week, if you want some fans to come down and explain to these loan slackers what is at stake, then I'll happily come down and share a few choice words!

The performance yesterday was woeful from players who should have given a hell of a lot more given the support they got!

We simply got a lesson in fight and spirit from a young Hearts side - if that is what youth gives you, then ditch some of the passengers and bring in MacLeod and Dingwall and maybe even Maatsen - as for Klok - forget it, he's more concerned with his hairstyle!




De Leeuw


Subs: Kiss, Quinn, Saunders, Slew, Dingwall, Fraser, Cooper
Supporter Liaison Officer 

(04-20-2014, 08:55 AM)Brora Boy Wrote: Very tempted to drop Kiss to the bench and bring in Ketts after yesterday. If neither of the experienced forwards makes it we could do worse than start Tony Dingwall.

Its not worse starting Tony Dingwall I attend all Under 20s games he rarely puts a bad shift in,last match against ICT he was outstanding ,even with shinnie trying to kick him off the park,scored a brilliant chip ,then assisted with cross for second goal.
In close he has two great feet,and he finds his team mates well,also makes himself ac
Available,,the uder20s are really getting it together,thanks to S Ferguson,ther are one or two young guys,who can make the bench next year, that of course is my opinion
My thinking with the likes of Tony Dingwall, MacLeod is that you'll get performances out of them as they are trying to make a name for themselves and get into the first team! That is a win / win situation for me and they would run themselves into the ground to try and score goals - I didn't see any of that on Saturday from players who are supposedly professionals!

We need guys with a vested interest (i.e. A long term interest in the club) who will put in 90 minute shift - that is what St Mirren and Partick have over us - we need to match that desire to succeed!

Another formation below that I think would beat Kilmarnock if Arquin is indeed out:

De Leeuw----Brittain--Kettlewell--Dingwall

Subs: Slew, Kiss, Tidser, Quinn, Cooper, Saunders, Fraser
Supporter Liaison Officer 


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