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Grant Munro departing?
I've been hearing rumors today that Grant Munro is leaving (or has left?) County.
Can anyone confirm this?
I'm not sure if it's true or not but this is what I've posted elsewhere:

Quote:Granty is in no dispute as being one of the main reasons we ascended to the SPL. He was deemed "past it" when we signed him, and he went on to prove a lot of people wrong, but everyone's time comes. He has slowed dramatically over the summer and he will know himself, if he's stuck on the bench long term it will do him no good. Good money at Brora and regular games, along with a normal job may well be the best thing for Granty at this stage in life.
.: Ours, is the Fury :.

I hope that the news is not true but if it is wish him well for the future. Pleased that County were able to extend his career after that lot over the bridge ruthlessly discarded their loyal club servant while he was still clearly at his peak.

If true, thanks to the big Highlander, for his key part in getting us up the leagues into the top tier and for his stalwart part in our wonderful first season at this level.

ICT may have treated you shabbily but you bounced back and like your old, and possibly, future defensive partner, Ross Tokely quickly put that scandalous treatment behind you to become part of the fabric at Victoria Park.

Just thought, maybe we are freeing up Grant's wages to offer Kovy an enhanced extended deal.
If this is true, then we should all wish the big man well for the future, he's been a big part of our success and I think he'll do well as a coach - good luck big man and I wish you all the best for the future for you and your family!
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Had it confirmed last night that he is leaving - he asked to leave on thursday.

There was a fall out between himself and derek adams. (True for once about a falling out - not told about who caused it or what it was over).

Its between brora and clach for his signature.
Sad news to see him go.

He's been brilliant for us getting promoted (our best player that season IMO) and then getting a top 6 finish in the SPL.

Maybe his legs have gone a little - his performances this season haven't been great. He was good against Celtic and St Mirren, but poor against Partick, Dundee Utd and Motherwell.

Thank you Grant Munro.
If true then thank you so very much Grant. You will always be remembered fondly these parts.
Find the falling out part hard to believe as his twitter page has photos of him Adams and the other first team boys out playing paint ball - unless he shot Adams?

Think if he wasn't going to get regular first team football he may have just asked to be released to go and find it elsewhere?!

Whatever the truth is, all the best Granty - you'll be remembered as part of the team that won promotion to the SPL and secured a top six finish I our first season - something your old team took a lot more years to achieve!!
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Inevitable. Fall out. It is brought up as often as "the naughty step". It's almost as if professional footballers were all just children. There's not been a fall out. He's just come to the conclusion the time is right to leave.
I had heard at the weekend he left / was released, and was saying his good byes at training on Friday.
Not sure the reasons etc, and to be honest we'll probably never know.

I'm sorry to see him go though, although maybe the time is right.
I was one of the first to be concerned when he first came from ICT as I always though on him as Mr ICT, but to be honest he has been great for us. As said before he was instrumental in the season we won the First Division and last season.
This year though I think it's fair to say that he has lost a bit of pace, and it has left him and the defense exposed -but I think he'll still have enough to be able to play at a lower level.

Here's hoping he gets sorted out with another club, and if it's in coaching there is probably no one better locally for youngsters to learn from.
Has anyone seen any official confirmation on this?
#fallout. Any pictures of Kovy on Granty's twitter? Just saying like.

(10-15-2013, 07:57 AM)Wicky Wrote: #fallout. Any pictures of Kovy on Granty's twitter? Just saying like.

I'm not seeing wee Kovy anywhere in the picture. Perhaps there's more to this fall out lark than I first thought.
Munro talks on his departure:

Official confirmation then.....Great servant to the club, especially 1st Division Championship season and last season in the SPL. Brought some much needed composure and experience (and the usual aimless 60 yard cross field ball!!!) to the team. Wont forget his absolute cracker of a goal against Celtic in the 3-2 game, and maybe time has caught up with him a bit. I'm sure all the County fans will be unanimous in wishing him all the best on whatever path life takes him on. Cheers Grant.
He was a joy to watch in the title winning season and he proved a few people wrong last season (myself included to an extent) by looking like a good quality SPL centre-back.

It was football heartbreak to see him seemingly struggling at times this season. However it's sensible to try and get something lined up for after football.

That's only Boyd, Brittain and Kettlewell left from the main XI of the title winning side, with Quinn and Cooper still here as well.
Grant Munro is younger than me... all of the players he talked about as veterans are the guys I grew up watching.

Seems like it genuinely was a mutual agreement, and this decision was made to help Munro as much as anything. Fair enough really, hard to disagree with any of that.

Cheers, Grunt.
BBC Sport article about it: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/24534131
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Grant was a rock in our two best and probably most memorable league seasons ever. A great servant to football in the Highlands and young kids should look up to him as he's had a pretty successful career. All the best in his next career move which I'm presuming will be a job at CRC Evans and part-time at Brora.

Do we have a replacement lined up? It still leaves us with 4 centre-backs (Boyd, McLean, Saunders and Micic) so it's not too much of a worry until January.

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