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Peter Capaldi is the new Doctor. Thoughts?

Personally I loved him and his character in The Thick of It and In The Loop (Film).

If they keep him as cold and dark as he was in the above then we could see potentially the best Doctor ever in my opinion.

(08-07-2013, 03:40 PM)IDW16 Wrote: In The Loop (Film).

This is like something straight out of Partridge's second autobiography (I Partridge, We Need To Talk About Alan). I laughed more than was necessary.
Ecclestone, Tennant and Smith have all done well to develop the show and the character. I reckon Capaldi is a good next step. I agree he could be a more cool, steely version, while keeping some kind of subtle humorous twinkle. Looking forward to it.
FergnKetts - BestBossYets
Is any relation to the ones who own the ice cream shop in Brora?
They never came North of Culloden
I wonder if, since he's from Glasgow, his first episode will see him in his home city fighting hordes of Cidermen.
Not impressed so far in all honesty. 2nd episode was pretty grim viewing, IMO.

The fact that Jenna Coleman (Clara) is leaving soon is also a sore one to take. She's lovely.

I wasn't too sure when he started the role, but he's grown on me and I think the darker style Doctor he plays is brilliant.

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