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What are people's opinions on the '5-4-1'?

Felt it left us rather vulnerable at times- with their midfield pressing right on top of our defence, also to me it seemed to leave Luckassen very isolated up top. Time will tell and against a 'lesser' opponent it could work in a completely different way...
I've never been a fan of this formation in football, but we'll see, we've nearly came away from Celtic Park with a point setting up this way.

It'll be interesting to see if we go with the same set up at home next week.

I can see the benefits of setting up this way to remain solid and hit on the break away from home, I'm not so sure how effective it would be when we have more possession and are the mostly on the offensive.
Can see why Derek went with this, helped stop a bigger scoreline for Celtic. They had the bulk of possession and you'd expect that with the quality they have and it was there home turf.

However, we nearly came away with a point and scored a cracking goal, so I wouldn't be too down heartened. We were without Brittain and Sproule today so was going to be a hard shift for Kettlewell and Quinn today in the middle against a strong Celtic midfield.

I think with all our players available we'll be a pretty strong outfit!
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I think 5-4-1 will revert to 3-5-2 or 4-5-1 against every other team in the league home and away except Motherwell and Celtic. Adams went cautious as we've a new core of players who still need to bed into the Scottish game. It nearly got us a point at the league champions, so let's not be too downbeat already.
Today Celtic exposed the inherent weakness in playing 3 ctr backs or 5-4-1. Celtic pushed our fullbacks back making a 5 man back line which is difficult to break down, but they used the extra man in midfield to dominate possession high up the pitch and this enabled commons to play between the backline and midfield which caused us no end of problems.
Brittain's drive and experiance was a big miss for us today but all things considered the team played well and it was a very good defensive workout which will let the coaching team know where to focus their efforts.
Great and very committed performances throughout the team and what an absolute scorcher of a goal. Many positives to take away but all that said I still prefer 4-1-4-1 and thinks it suits us better but I'm ready to eat my words.
5-4-1 will leave us exposed in terms of pace. The benefits of it are yet to be displayed but as always, in Del we trust!
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Hard to judge the formation against the best team away from home but I think it'll still take me a good while to get comfortable watching the team playing this way.

Very similar to against Zwolle there was massive gaps between defence and midfield so their midfield was running at our CB's numerous times. Struggled to get support for Luckassen too but we'll get a better idea once we play a team of similar standard.
It nearly worked, however Rocco and Ketts had a hard shift and Ledley controlled most of the game.
With RB missing I would have liked to have seen Klok in that midfield, maybe after half time when Celtic were strolling through the middle.

We shouldn't judge ourselves harshly against Celtic at Parkhead though, with so many debutants and key players missing. I honestly thought we might ship 4 or 5.

As Del said, our season starts next week.

I'm not convinced we'll see the new formation too often. I thought that its use in the friendlies was preparation just for the Celtic game. Maybe it is something that can be used away from home against the better teams as well, but despite the number of senior centre backs in the squad now it's not something I imagine is practical for a game-by-game basis.

I think it's more likely that we'll see the return to last season's strategies for most of the season. Three central midfielders makes sense against most of the premier division.
I can't see us using the 5-4-1 often - if at all.

After a heavy defeat at Parkhead last season, I assume Adams thought this was the best way to contain Celtic. It wouldn't surprise me if it the 5-4-1 was just a one-off - and it nearly worked.

I expect to see us return to 4-3-3 on Saturday. I think this formation still suits our squad despite there being a lot of changes this summer.

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