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Seating in next seasons Jailend
Over the last few weeks I’ve been wondering what the seating arrangements will be next year for tickets in the jailend, and from speaking to folk in the pub I’m not alone. This has a couple of implications as far as I can see:
  1. Much has been made about the need for an improved atmosphere in the ground, and in recent weeks there has been a lot of comments from the club and in particular the players about how big an impact the vocal support has had during the run-in. There has also been numerous threads and comments on OTB about atmosphere at games and what can be done to improve things – which has ultimately had an impact as the season drew to a conclusion. As we go up and face larger, more vocal supports in the away end it will be even more important that the home support are not subdued – but we run the risk of the vocal minority ending up spread around rather than concentrated in the same area of the stand.
  2. At the moment we have the luxury of being able to buy a ticket and stand wherever we want. If you regularly go to matches with friends who may not have season tickets, you can still stand together. Fans who can only make a few games a season can stand in the midst of those able to go more often and feel just as much a part of the support.
I'll confess that I don’t know what the clubs plans are, or even if there are specific rules in place concerning how clubs sell match tickets/season tickets. However I know if I had a choice, it would be for the club to simply sell tickets for “The Jailend” rather than for a specific seat – surely from the club’s perspective it can’t make much difference selling 1,047 tickets for ‘the jailend stand’ rather than 1,047 individually numbered seats in the stand?

If that’s not possible, would fans be interested in having something along the lines of an open day, where the new stand is open for fans to drop by and try out the view from the new seats to try and pick where they would prefer to sit? You could at least have groups trying to pick seats in the same area then rather than a randomly allocated seat (even on a first come first served basis). They could even try and make money from it towards the ‘UP’ campaign – come along and try the new seats out a day before they go on general sale, but it will cost you a couple of quid for the privilege!

As StuartTaylor said on here said in a previous post “I'm more concerned about getting a seat in the Jailend and finding out it's behind a pillar! At least when you're standing you can move.”

What do other fans on here think? Is it worth putting the proposals to the club, or does no-one really care where they sit as long as they see County in the SPL? I’d welcome your comments (and bear in mind that the club do keep an eye on the forum).



PS I know of a few supporters of Highland League teams or other neutrals that come along and support County on the days when their own team aren’t playing, even if part of the attraction is to catch up with mates in the pub for a few beers before/after the football. They may not be so keen to do this next year if they cannot sit together, so can we afford to turn away cash from the turnstiles?

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