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Betfred cup - ColMac - 11-11-2020

After tonight's performance, I would like to see Shaw Paton Larkin and Hylton as definite starters on Sat. With O'Connor maybe starting with either Billy or Ross coming on if things aren't going right. Defence will have to be the same because injuries .Bit more urgency and speed through the midfield  with  the forwards creating more room for the pass and a repeat of our best result against  Stirling is on. Would give us a much needed boost for league games.

RE: Betfred cup - Monthestaggies98 - 11-11-2020

How was Hylton last night? , was happy to see shaw continue scoring and delighted for Lakin to get his first goal

RE: Betfred cup - Brick on the wall - 11-11-2020

I would like to see O Connor getting a run out on Saturday and also young Williamson a run in defence. With all the defensive injuries we have right now he may be called upon and would be the better of some game time under his belt.

RE: Betfred cup - murray aberdeen stagg - 11-14-2020

Another win please with a few goals in the back of the net. Mon the staggies.

RE: Betfred cup - Monthestaggies98 - 11-14-2020

Good to see shaw continuing to score and Stewart scoring aswell will hopefully give him some confidence, been much happier with the last 3 performances by us , albeit against generally easier opposition.